Associate Attorney

I am passionate about helping my clients understand their options while navigating the daunting world of  civil lawsuits. I believe that providing legal advice and preparing a case for trial requires a great partnership between the attorney and her client. Over the last thirty years, I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants which allows me to understand both sides of a client’s conflict and to help my current clients understand the pros and cons of their cases, evaluate their options during the lawsuit. Making a decision to either file a lawsuit (become a plaintiff) or being a defendant in a lawsuit come with discreet issues that require in depth evaluation and compassionate understanding from your attorney. I work tirelessly and with a strength of experience to help my clients make decisions that are right for them while considering both the financial and legal issues involved in their situation. I work to find unique alternatives to best accomplish my client’s goals through every step of their lawsuit.

Over the past fifteen years, my clients include individuals, banks, and title companies involved in real property disputes. Recent real property cases included neighbor boundary disputes, all types of land use rights such as easements and licenses, and a variety of general civil claims related to real property disputes such as elder abuse, fraud, trespass and contract claims.

Recently, my practice has grown to include Probate and Trust  litigation. My experience with Probate and Trust litigation confirms my belief that the best way to resolve pending litigation either at mediation or trial is with extensive and detailed preparation to support my client’s case. This helps the client stay connected with their case and by working as a team, client and attorney together can create the best outcome.

I received a bachelor of arts degree in 1985 from the University of Southern California (Fight On!) and my law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 1988. My early legal experience includes labor and employment law, real property, personal injury and business litigation. Before becoming an associate with Seto Wood & Schweickert, I worked with Trombadore Gonden Law Group LLP a small boutique law firm also specializing in real property and business disputes and acted as General Counsel for a small tech-start up, ContainerTrac.

In my spare time, I am an avid photographer, love to run, exercise and spend time travelling with my husband and four adult children.

Gina L. Arico-Smith
Associate Attorney

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